Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making your health a priority

Why am I writing about making health a priority?  ---Personal experience of not making it a priority! Last week I did wonderfully.  This week, on Monday I was crazy busy from 5 am when I got up to teach my scripture class to picking up 5 kids in our carpool to take to high school, to helping my daughter in homeschool, to doing a week's worth of laundry, to etc. etc. you get the idea. That day as I went to bed I realized I never read my scriptures (even though I took care of that before I went to sleep), I didn't exercise, I ate horribly and I never even took a shower! ewww maybe you didn't need to know that part.  You get the idea.  Why did I neglect all those things that make me happy?  Why did I fall off the bandwagon (probably into the horses' excrement? :-)) --- That smiley face has a double chin.  Not a good sign.
The Blue Spoon Group--purpose? to make you smile.
I listened to an article this week from my church's magazine, the Ensign, about a lady with 6 kids that was having a tough time having the time to read the scriptures everyday.  She read the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:40-42) and was inspired about what God was trying to tell her from that story.  She said,

I have since adjusted my priorities. Instead of saying, “If I have time I will read my scriptures,” I now say, “I will read my scriptures and then accomplish what I can.” In time, peace returned to my life because I knew I was doing the things that Heavenly Father wanted me to do first.
It is easy to be like Martha when there are many things—often good things—that need our time, but I now find I am able to accomplish so much more because my mind is focused on Heavenly Father’s will and His purposes for me. I know that if I continue to put the Lord first, He will bless me with strength, peace, and joy.
Kristine Nelson, Arizona, USA
Way to go Kristine!  We can apply this principle to making time to exercise and choosing to eat healthily.  Barbara Winder, a leader in my church's women's organization, recommened that we select what we neglect so we don't neglect what we select.  One more time.  Select what you neglect so you don't neglect what you select.  We do not have time for all things.  Make choices about what is most important to you and then the other less important stuff can wait.  A famous lady I know (my Mom) told me once, "The dishes will wait for you.  Hold that baby." Make choices about what is best for you.  Ask for God's help to figure out what that is.  I hope that one of those is making your health a priority.  Said by that same famous lady,"You are worth it." 

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