Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sprint to the end!

In a little over two months will be our party at the cabin!  Can you say you are healthier?  Let's sprint to the end!  I am going to lose 10 pounds between now and then.  That is about one pound per week. Totally accomplish-able!  Anyone want to join me?  I usually do not like to do pound goals, but I need a reason to stop eating almond M&Ms (my favorite.)  I am also going to take my measurements and plan on losing at least an inch.  That will be an inch off the sum of all my measurements.

Practising my happy smile for when I have lost those 10 pounds. Taken by my friend Elizabeth (she is 4).
 I would also like to set up some exercise buddies.  For example, I would like someone to speed walk with me two days a week at 8 am.  Cross-country skiing has ended and the pool is closing for all of April.  Yikes!  I need to find some alternatives.  Having a friend to go with helps us go when we might not otherwise go.  It is also fun to talk with a friend.  Who lives in your area that you could make a plan with?  Get out in that great weather this week and get some sunshine!  (Get some vitamin D while you are at it.  You make it from sunlight.)

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  1. Thanks for link to you blog! I love this and love your positive attitude and your realistic and specific goals! I look forward to seeing that pic 10 lbs lighter!