Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Persistent, not Perfect!

 Here is your pep talk for the day . . .  See what a beautiful winter scene we have here?  Little do I know what is waiting!
 Yes, I fell on my front three times today and here is my frosty shirt to prove it.  I am making up for the last three times when I didn't fall.  I even almost hit a tree today.  I am an expert in getting up on skis now, just ask me how if you need help.  Maybe ski conditions weren't so great today?  I could have taken a clue when I saw NO other skiers in an hour and 15 minutes.  I had fun anyway dang it!  What can we learn from this?  GET UP AND KEEP TRYING!  Who cares if you are not perfect with all your goals? Are you trying?  Are you learning some things and getting stronger, or more flexible, or happier?  That is the point.

Dust yourself off and keep going!  The pioneers that made it to the Salt Lake Valley just kept going.  And I bet they laughed at themselves once in awhile to keep things in perspective.  It is OK, you can laugh at me.  I give you permission.  I laughed too!  I could have been a snowball if I would have kept rolling, I think.

Everyday can be a new start!  Keep up the good work.

Way to go to Adriana, Judy, Marcia and Katie who emailed me about their goals this week!

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