Friday, February 4, 2011

Ideas of how to exercise when I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT

Send me your ideas of how you exercise anyway, even when you just don't wanna.  
*The one that got me going this morning is to start a blog and have to talk about what I did!  (I swam a mile today and raced the guy next to me.  He got tired.  OK, maybe I did too.)
*How about meet a friend?  If you know they are waiting for you. . . out the door you go.  
*Set a goal.  
*Think about how good you will feel after you are done.
*How about do it anyway because you have committed to Donna, your number one cheerleader, that you will go for your goals.
*Or do it so you can tell Donna!
*Exercise because you want to set a good example for your spouse/kids/ fill in the blank.
(This picture makes you want to go swim, eh?)
*A big motivator for me is thinking about my family and the weight struggles that so many of us deal with.  It is not fun.
*Or how about because you can feel yourself getting stronger and you don't want to slide backwards in your progress!!!
*It helps me to read about exercise, the benefits, ideas for making it fun, etc.  Like on this blog!
*You can call me and I will give you a pep talk!  Go you!
What are your reasons?  Share!

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