Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Having fun in the Blizzard?

Here is the curve at the park skiing on Tuesday (left).  I am really starting to love cross-country skiing.  I just get to take time out and enjoy the world God has created, ya' know? Below is the herringbone pattern I made in the snow on a hill because I kept sliding down!  That is actually how you get up hills when things are steep or slippery.  It's a good workout too!

I didn't make it to the pool today, obviously, because of the 16 inches of snow that fell last night.  Wow! It is beautiful out there and I am glad I can stay home!  Instead of swimming I went out and played with my kids in the snow this morning.  Fun!  That is a good workout to try and walk thigh high in snow drifts, try it sometime.  (Many of you probably did!)

I did not push them there, even though I wish I would have thought of that.

Check out the snowflake on her eyelash!

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